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Leadership, Organizational and Congregational Health Consulting Services

I have developed, over 35 years, the education, experience and skills that make me the Congregational Health Strategist that I am, and who you need. I possess vast organizational and leadership experience in a variety of international settings. My 12 years of postgraduate education in organizational leadership studies, theology, and ministry, my 35 years of experience in public and congregational life all make me the strategist and partner you’d want for your organizational, congregational and leadership development needs.

I have been a teacher, pastor, denominational leader, police chaplain, conference and public speaker, and counselor, with expertise in planning, problem solving, coaching, motivational speaking, research, analysis, evaluation, church-planting, congregational organizing, I am known for my partnership and collaborative approach to leadership.  My experiences with leadership situations that worked, and some that didn’t, enable me to understand organizational scenarios from both sides of the track.

I am a graduate of Eastern University, Pennsylvania, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Massachusetts, the United Theological College of the West Indies, and the University of the West Indies. My learning has been through varied work experiences in Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Connecticut, Nebraska, New York, and Pennsylvania. This learning has been honed while leading seminars and conferences in the Caribbean, the USA, and in Japan.

Friday Leads Consulting Services offers seminars, workshops, short courses and short-term organizational investigation, analysis, diagnosis and solutions, in collaboration with the organization’s leaders and people. My training in organizational dynamics and leadership was not in the seminary but in the university; so my services are equally available to congregations and denominational structures and organizations, as well as non-church (“secular”) organizations and leaders. The following are some of the options available, each of which can be tailor-made for whoever your organizations or leaders might be:

  1. Leadership Intelligence and Practice 
  1. Leadership Identity and Development
  1. Sharper Vision and Accurate Mission 
  1. Human Resource Development and Performance Management Enhancement 
  1. Collaborative Performance Review 
  1. Strategic Planning and Change Management        
  1. Organizational Dynamics and Analysis 
  1. Program Evaluation 
  1. Retrofitting Old Congregations for New Life 
  1. Best Leadership Practices

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    Not everybody cares about the meaning of a logo; but for those of you who do, here goes:

    • Black is a color of strength, solidness, and richness. Friday Leads aims at leaving your organization in the black — whether financially, organizationally, spiritually, or harmoniously. Friday Leads are solid – based on solid learning, solid experience, a solid faith in God, and a solid faith in human community.
    • Red is a color of life and of passion. Friday Leads aims to bring life-enriching leads to your leaders, your people, and your organization. Michael Friday is passionate about congregational and organizational health, and passionate about life.
    • The flame, rising from Friday Leads, represents the energy you, your leaders, and your congregation or organization are all certain to draw from a session, sessions, process, or processes, from Friday Leads. The flame leaps upward, as should your aspirations, imaginations and organizational trajectory.
    • Soon, after you’ve engaged yourself, your leaders, and your organization, with Friday Leads, you’ll be agreeing with us when we say, “Your Week Just Got Better.”