“Wow! What can I say about Dr. Michael Friday! I have had the privilege to work alongside him at the Union Baptist Church in Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Friday came to us at a critical point in our church’s history and we needed a person of his caliber with his unique skill set. Dr. Friday possesses leadership abilities par excellence. His intellect allowed him to navigate our most complex of organizational and theological issues while recommending and implementing change that was always compassionate and people oriented. He has demonstrated an impressive balance between competence and humility that allowed him to work effectively with people individually, in small groups and congregation wide. During his time at Union, he led Congregational Listening Sessions to allow a forum for members and regular attenders to voice the concerns or express their curiosities. He planned and led a leadership retreat that challenged the leaders to evaluate the present state of ministry and to discern and envision the future direction of ministry. Dr. Friday proved himself to be consistent and a man of integrity–he did what he said he would do when he said he would do it! Finally, Dr. Friday is not a one man show. He understands himself to be a co-laborer with the communities in which he participates. He shares his thoughts, provides his insights and welcomes open and honest discussion. He will challenge the status quo but ultimately trusts that God is always speaking in community and welcomes the community to own whatever changes they deem necessary. To that end, I would highly recommend any church or organization–large or small–to work with Dr. Friday to help you operate more faithfully, efficiently and purposefully.”